Real Estate gonna be the most expensive purchase we going to make.

It can either leapfrog us into our retirement goals or set us a few steps back from it.

The Right Property might be costly, but the Wrong Property will keep costing you.


Being in the Industry for more than 8 years, we witnessed many home purchasers and investors who are frequently unaware or neglecting some Important Factors in their purchases.

Some of the Costly Misinterpretation we seen are buyers buying into a development with misguided information only to see its price Depreciate Or Underperform despite its good location. There are also purchasers investing into a new condo assuming New Launches will definitely result in profits for them. Sadly, they lost money.

Thus, we decide to created a very Detail Framework & Analysis with relevant Facts, Statistics and Experience in the Real Estate Market to help First Timer make this Huge Decision and avoid Critical Mistakes that they may not be aware of.

Speak to us before you buy your first home. We want to help more First Timers grow their Net Worth and not see your savings squander away due to some Essential Pointers you may miss out. Speaking to us is Free.

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What can you expect from our session?

Before we even look into profits, we must first eliminate as many risks as possible.

All Investment come with risk and we do not want it to go uncalculated.

After conducting more than 200 consultancy sessions, we created a Systematic & Strategic Approach for 1st time homeowners to ensure that your hard-earned money is put in the right place and working best for you.

Through Understanding Your Needs and Mid to Long Term Goals, we will advise you on ideal choices based on your Affordability And Financial Standing. On top of this, we promise to create an effective Action Plan And Feasible Exit strategy by working closely together with you.

In this Initiative, we discuss common questions such as:

1) HDB, EC or Private? What should I choose for my first property? 
As HDB is the most affordable, is it the lowest risk option for me?
3) How do I avoid buying into a property that underperform?
4) Is freehold better than leasehold?
What are the pro and cons between new development and resale?
6) How do people upgrade without touching their savings or affecting their lifestyle?

Everyone cases and concerns are different so we look to address every concerns you have.

Don’t worry, lots of homeowners-to-be used to face the same uncertainties you do now, but after they reached out to us for assistance, they have never looked back. Our Life-Changing Methodology covers all grounds to ensure you a Reliable Blueprint of your investment road map for the coming decade.


My clients Ting Feng & Claire (name changed for client confidentiality) were 29 years old with a combined income of $8,000 a month when they first met us. They were thinking whether to purchase their first resale HDB as they couldn't get a chance on a BTO. They felt that HDB is more affordable and a less risker choice.

After understanding Singapore’s Real Estate Trends through our First Home Buyer Initiative, they realise that they could had entered into an unforeseen price trap to their wealth. Furthermore with our Detailed Calculation, they are able to afford an EC or a Private Apartment without without having to change their lifestyle drastically.

After an Objective Analysis of the different options they have, they are now comfortable owners of a $1.1million condo with Strong Potential For Capital Appreciation as well as a Cash Reserve Of $60k!

Results of Action Plan

Proud Owners of a 2 Bedroom Condo

100% Well Informed Happy Owners

Strong Capital Potential Appreciation

Low Risk Investment

Most importantly, they bought this property being well informed of all their options and potential risks in each choices. With our easy to understand approach, they have a clear direction of their Property Journey for the next 5-10 years!


We met 32 year old Elsa (name changed for client confidentiality) few months back thru a referral. She has a monthly income of $7,000 and is waiting to get her resale HDB when she turned 35.

After going through our First Home Buyer Initiative and In-Depth Affordability Analysis, Elsa discovered Options that she never knew she had and how this early move at the current age will subsidise her future home.

We sat down to make sure the numbers and monthly payment is Very Comfortable for her. We also planned a Safety Funds Of $50,000 so we will be able to tide thru in event of unforeseen circumstances.

We make sure everything is Stress-Free and work toward better financial position when we are older.

Today she is a happy owner of a $900,000 private property with Huge Transformation Potential.

At Age 35, she can...

Move in to her Own House

Sell and upgrade to a bigger property

Sell and buy her HDB

Rental Income as a Landlord

We always want to have more options in life. Elsa is very happy to began her real estate journey with us. We plan for her the Exit Strategy and will be with her thru this investment Expedition.

Step 1. 

We are here to advise and pass on knowledge we acquire and witness happening on the ground. We do not engage in any sales talk but just want to help everyone make a more well informed decision.

Step 4.

Before we move ahead, we will address and clarify any queries or concern that you may have. This will ensure that we are on the same track to achieve your goals. We will definitely love to clarify any misconceptions.

Step 2.

Before we make one of the biggest purchase in our life, it's important we understand how the current real estate market trends is and what are some of the government guidelines on owning a property.

Step 5. 

Our prudent financial planning will ensure you are never over leveraging and always have a safety net in place. We want to make sure you are comfortable with the numbers before proceeding.

Step 3.

In order to achieve your goals, we need to understand your needs and wants to come up with a solid strategy. We want to make sure we cover your mid to long term goals and all the way to retirement.

Step 6.

With all the above groundwork completed, we will derive an action strategy for you It will consist of our recommendations, timeline planning, viewings and finally the purchase!


We would like to thank Adrian Koh for his assistance in our upgrading progression plan in February 2020.

From the start of the process to finding our dream home, he was always there to advise us on the best possible move.

We would highly recommend Adrian to anyone selling/buying a property.  

Goh Family

Seeking Adrian's advice on restructuring my property portfolio was the right decision. I had been sitting on a property that had been stagnant for over 3 years.

He explained clearly to me, with statistics and analysis, why this was happening and how I should be moving forward. Today, my wealth continues to grow thanks to Adrian's efforts and I would not hesitate to recommend his advice for any real estate matters.  

Elaine Lim

Adrian is a very knowledgeable agent. He went the extra mile to make sure I am comfortable on my financial and future exit strategy,

As a First time Home Buyer, he make sure every steps is clear to me and is always prompt to responding my concerns and queries. He is very patient and need rushed me during the whole process. I look forward to many more opportunities to work with him in the future.

Samantha Choy